Anne-Marie Macken

I am a Coach, Qualified Financial Advisor and Accountant here to bring ease to how you understand, spend and earn (USE) money. I live close to Dublin’s Phoenix Park with my husband Ciarán and two young children Róisín and James. No pets (yet) but working on it 😉

After completing undergraduate and post-graduate studies at DCU, I joined Bank of Ireland where I worked for 15 years. From my experience mainly in customer facing debt management roles, I learned that creating, managing and even recreating wealth has far more to do with a person’s mindset than it has to do with coming from a wealthy family, luck or accident. As well as healthy doses of optimism, resilience, self-awareness and self-belief, a good understanding of how money works is also needed. It is this understanding that provides you with the confidence and objectivity to address any financial situation you may find yourself in and to plan for your future.

Of course, a positive outlook and being financially literate will only take you so far. Once these foundations are in place, however, they do drive financially capable behaviours and inspired actions that lead to better outcomes and improved financial well-being. For me, it is not about creating wealth for the sake of it or to enable you to mindlessly consume more. Rather, it is about removing lack of wealth as an obstacle or stressor in your life. I believe that financial well-being (having security and freedom of choice) can be achieved whatever your current level of income or assets may be.

By applying these insights to my own life, I have been able to create a life aligned to my values rather than being driven by money. So if you think you could benefit from a better, easier relationship with money and are open to becoming more self-aware, self-responsible and taking inspired action, get in touch to see how I can support you to achieve this!

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