We provide a money coaching and financial education service that is non-judgemental, straight-forward and inspiring.

Our Approach

The overriding purpose of the coaching that we offer is to support your financial well-being by bringing ease to how you USE (understand, spend and earn) money. The MonEase coaching programme, consisting of four one-to-one coaching sessions is recommended for new clients. Three of the sessions are held over a 6 to 8 week time period with the fourth and final session scheduled within the next three months. Each coaching session is for one-hour and is held virtually over Zoom.

The coaching will be tailored to your individual needs but will follow a broad framework set out below. In addition to the coaching sessions, tailored financial education will be prescribed. There will also be a variety of actions and exercises to be completed by you, which will be agreed in advance of each session. Your level of financial well-being will be measured by the scale developed by the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This scale will be used at intake and periodically to assess your progress. Additional reviews undertaken as part of the coaching process will also take place at various intervals throughout the programme.

What People Say

I am delighted that I found Anne-Marie and Money Coaching Ireland. I can’t thank her enough for helping me with my decision to buy my first property. As well as guiding me through this big decision and the house-buying process, she also helped me with working on myself. I would go so far as to say she has changed my way of thinking. She understood what I needed and addressed everything very clearly and in detail. It has been an amazing process, I am more confident with myself and my own decision now, thank you very much Anne! Thanks again for everything. You have helped me a lot, not just with the decision on buying an apartment but everything really. I always think of you each time I need to remind myself that I am enough :)

JP, MonEase client May 2022
Young professional seeking to understand her relationship with money and purchase her first property

Feedback from a RetireEase private coaching client: Level of satisfaction with the service (1 to 5 stars) 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟............................................................................................. You listened and made every effort to understand my situation, then went on to ask questions that helped me reflect on possible options. At no stage did I feel pressured into accepting ready made solutions. After the final agreed session you followed up with very useful information, e.g. suggested wording for queries to my employer / pension provider.

David, RetireEase client April 2022
Senior Professional seeking to put in place a plan for his retirement and gain clarity on his options for remaining in Ireland long-term.

Interim feedback from a MonEase private coaching client Level of satisfaction with the service (1 to 5 stars) 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟................................................................................ What went well? Clarifying my own plans with a values approach.............................. What is your biggest take-away from the sessions? Empowerment................................ What has changed or what do you think will change as a result of the sessions? I will be able to plan my future financial life with confidence

Professional with 5 years to go to retirement and preparing to downsize her home

Anne-Marie is a highly professional coach. She is a gifted listener, empathetic and able to distill what she has heard into valuable, credible insight. Besides, she listens without passing judgment on what you are saying. She continually displayed her compassionate, caring nature in our coaching sessions, accompanied by her commitment and a high level of integrity. Anne-Marie's coaching has been a real help to me during a time of major transition in my life. She helped me redefine my priorities and make steps towards a fulfilling career and a more balanced life – personally and financially. I highly recommend Anne-Marie as a money coach.

Professional focusing on creating additional income streams

Bronwen Allan and Anne-Marie Macken collaborated to develop and deliver a Budgeting Course for our SICAP programme this year. One of the courses was delivered online and we had a second one delivered in person. Both courses were well received with really positive feedback. Participants are eager to complete more sessions with them next year. This is always a fantastic sign that participants thoroughly enjoyed the course facilitators and their content.

Kay O'Connor
Social Inclusion Manager, County Wicklow Partnership

Read what some of the attendees from our January 2020 workshop 'Money Beliefs and Me' had to say... 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Seeing money as a ‘renewable resource’ has a beautiful positive resonance with me. Thank you for that. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I now understand how to break my goals down into manageable sub-goals. I also understand that the old sabotaging beliefs have been around for a long time and to be patient with myself as I unravel and challenge them. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I loved the positivity, the warmth and friendliness of the hosts and the interaction with the other participants

Attendees January 2021 Money Beliefs and Me Workshop

Working with Anne-Marie of Money Coaching Ireland has been transformative. For me it has been a total paradigm shift in how I think about money and my interactions with all of my finance, both personal and professional. It has been a really positive experience. I started out seeking coaching from Anne-Marie because I wanted to get over my money issues of a lifetime, begin my own business and start trying to save a little. I wanted to feel more in control of money, instead of feeling like it is controlling me. And most importantly to stop treating money like I shouldn't have it. In such a warm, kind and compassionate way Anne-Marie helped me to explore these thorny issues in a safe space without any judgement. Using her tools and chatting with my money coach, I started identifying my self-limiting beliefs about money and was able to challenge my thinking about these beliefs to develop new ones. She has totally changed how I view my money difficulties, making them appear much more manageable than ever before. And strangely, more work and money seems to be flowing my way as if my block has been cleared. Anne-Marie's visualizations and meditations were hugely helpful and enjoyable - soul cleansing is how I think of it! Thank you Anne-Marie!

Experienced professional entering self-employment

After our first session together, I felt like a weight had lifted. Anne-Marie helped me realise that my financial situation was not as hopeless as I had thought. Through our work together, I moved my credit card debt to a new provider offering 0% interest on balance transfers. This has given me some breathing space to clear the debt. For me, this means I can clear my credit card debt and still have money for my sporting activities, which are very important to my overall wellbeing. Together with Anne-Marie, I worked out a plan that will see me debt free other than my mortgage in two years. This means I can then focus on building up my savings and start to make additional contributions to my pension. Although I’ve cut back on spending in some areas, it hasn’t felt like a sacrifice.

Public servant focusing on debt restructuring

I have been working with Anne-Marie for 3 months, and my coaching is still in process. Yet I have already seen huge shifts in my money mindset, my spending habits (looking through my budget gave me huge clarity and reassurance) and I feel hopeful for my future. The sessions are fun, informative and are focused around my needs. She always makes sure we talk about topics I want to go over and gives hands-on, practical tools to help me in my everyday. A few "wins" I have achieved since working with Anne-Marie: 🌟Paid back most of my debt (still a little bit left), but now I feel confident I am in charge of my finances & my future. 🌟I am transforming into a "money magnet", by having daily habits like meditation, visualization and EFT tapping. 🌟I understand that numbers aren't my enemy. Some structure in life is necessary to be able to keep on track. 🌟I am leaving behind old beliefs such as "money is hard to come by" and "rich people are greedy".

Young professional transitioning to entrepreneurship

I took away a lot from sessions with Anne-Marie, she is an extremely good listener – in the last session she was referring back things I have said at our first session a month earlier – things that I didn't remember. She was able to summarise and reflect back the things that matter to me by actively listening. I felt welcomed and important as there was no topic that was too small or irrelevant to discuss. I hope to carry on with the techniques and learnings beyond the time spent during coaching.

Mid-career professional focusing on career, family and relationship goals

Anne-Marie was one of the speakers at a wellness event we hosted for the volunteer sector earlier this year. It was our first time collaborating, and she was extremely professional and easy to work with. She has an extensive knowledge of personal finances and presented to the attendees in a natural and engaging way. The feedback from the event and Anne-Marie's contribution was really positive. I would gladly work with Anne-Marie again in the future.

Carrie Budds, Community Wellness Specialist
Founder of Quokka Wellness, providing workplace wellness in a digital age