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March 08 2022

On this International Women's Day, we look at some interesting research around gender and personal finance in Ireland. We explore why it is important to celebrate the wins along the way towards gender equality and why now more than ever the world needs to embrace feminine energy. Reading time: 2 minutes

Research conducted by RedC and commissioned by Bank of Ireland has revealed, unsurprisingly, a gender gap when it comes to personal finance:

  • 50% of women said they were confident managing money Vs 56% of men
  • 28% of women say they’re knowledgeable about financial matters Vs 36% of men
  • 32% of women aged over 55 have a private pension vs 58% of men

While the findings in particular around pension provision are quite stark, I suspect that they are on an upward trajectory.

When we consider that less than 50 years ago, marriage bans were commonplace in Ireland, we have come a long way.

Acknowledging progress is not to take from the work that remains to be done for women to enjoy full equality in economic, political, social, cultural and sporting life.

Nor is it meant to detract from the violence still faced by women at the hands of male aggressors. All too often, deaths such as that of Ashling Murphy and many others serve as a brutal reminder of this ugly truth.

Yes there is much work still to do. We can, however, celebrate the wins, big and small along the way towards gender equality. Doing so will help sustain those of us, both men and women, who are committed to this cause.

Now more than ever, the world needs people of all genders to embrace their feminine energy of compassion, empathy, warmth and connection.

So this International Women's Day, let’s celebrate all that is great about women and how far the cause of gender equality has come. Let’s continue the great work that is already underway for ourselves, our daughters and humanity.

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