Time flies when you're having fun

October 19 2021

Anne-Marie Macken reflects on the year that's been as Money Coaching Ireland celebrates its first birthday. Reading time: 2 minutes.

One year ago, I launched Money Coaching Ireland. And what a year it’s been. There have been ups and downs, swings and roundabouts. Sometimes it has felt like two steps forward, one step back.

All the while moving forward whether by celebrating a new client, a job well done, learning from my mistakes or picking myself back up from a setback.

Money Coaching Ireland step-by-step

I’ve felt elated, excited, focused and in control. I’ve also felt dejected and overwhelmed but never unsure. I haven’t always known what’s around the corner but I have trusted in my purpose to bring ease to how people USE money.

Overall, my work has been hugely rewarding and enjoyable. Money Coaching Ireland has allowed me to use my strengths and expertise to support the financial well-being of my clients. It has allowed me to live and honour my values including making time for family, friends, wellbeing and community activities.

Purpose is the intersection of talents, values, passions, skills and expertise

Highlights so far include

🌟Working with clients one-on-one through the MonEase programme

🌟Delivering workshops on behalf of corporate and community organisations

🌟Collaborating with like-minded individuals and organisations

🌟Securing a place on the Innovate4Growth programme

🌟Qualifying as a trainer with IITD

🌟A foray into the world of media

The four best pieces of advice I have followed on this start-up voyage:
*I was going to say journey but I fear people are becoming allergic and voyage sounds far more adventurous anyhow* 😉⛵

Four best pieces of advice I followed for my start-up

And yes one of the pieces of advice did come from my wiser self 💡 (also known as A.M. Macken for no other reason than Anne-Marie is just far too long to fit in the speech bubble 💭).

Those of you who saw Money Coaching Ireland's launch video may recall that towards the end it drifted into Oscar acceptance speech territory. Mirroring that first video, it would be remiss of me not to include a few thank you’s here one year on...

Money Coaching Ireland client organisations

🙏To all of the organisations Money Coaching Ireland has worked with to support the financial well-being of your employees and clients.

🙏To Mettamorphosis, Smith and Williamson Ireland, MarketingCoach.ie and theaidanobrien for the successful collaborations to date.

🙏To all of the individuals who have showed up to our workshops and seminars, followed us on social media and subscribed to our mailing list.

🙏 Finally, a huge thank you to my private coaching clients - your progress and bravery is truly inspiring!


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